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Experienced and Qualified Staff

Roshe Performing Arts are unique in having such experienced and qualified Staff which include 3 ISTD Examiners.  All have have vast experience in the Dance industry and have had a very successful performing career.  Many of our teachers have worked at some of the most prominent Dance Colleges and Ballet Schools in the UK and have also worked with many of the UK’s leading Dance Professionals.

Roshe is unusual in that we teach up to the highest ISTD RAD Level and many pupils leave with their Advanced 2 in many subjects, which are only usually taught at Full Time College.  Children can even start at the age of 3 and leave at 18 with an ISTD Teaching Qualification.

There is no other schools locally that can match Roshe in the experience and qualifications of our staff who all have a proven track record of success within the industry.

All our teachers love the Performing Arts and have a love and natural gift for teaching and in our opinion you will not find a better training elsewhere locally.  Why not see for yourself.  Many teach regularly for Roshe and some are visiting Teachers.

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Rosemary Woodd, ARAD, FISTD Examiner – Principal

Candi Trabucatti, ARAD, FISTD Examiner – Vice Principal & Head of Modern Studies (Modern, Tap & Jazz)

Donald Vleugals, FISTD Examiner – Ballet Faculty

Jill Redford, FISTD, Dip Ed – Teacher Training (DDI) – Modern & Tap Faculty

Sally Fredericks, Ex-Royal Ballet – Associates & Repertoire

Pat Prime, FISTD Examiner (former Chair ISTD Ballet Faculty) Grand Committee Member – Ballet Faculty

Donna Simpson, AISTD – Head of Greek

Charlie Savident, present Professional Dancer & Choreographer – Irish, Contemporary & Musical Theatre

Diane Grayson, Actress & Musical Theatre Professional – Musical Theatre Faculty

Amy Gillman, Dip. GCSE Dance & DDI Lecturer

Zoe Green, AISTD – West End and Commercial Dancer – Modern, Tap & Jazz Faculty

Francesca Filpi, Royal Ballet – Roshe Patron

plus various visiting teachers specialising in Street, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Irish and other genres.

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