60 years of excellence in dance 1954 – 2014


Roshe offer a vast range of classes, over 70, more than anyone in the area.

Classes available: Pre-School Class, RAD Ballet, ISTD Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Tap, Greek, Irish, Pilates, Musical Theater, Repertoire, Roshe Classically Gifted Associates Classes, Contemporary.

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Roshe teach up to the most senior Advanced 2 level in all dance subjects. These are very rarely taught at other schools and are usually only available if you go to Full-Time vocational College.

The RAD and ISTD are the most widely recognised dance societies in the world. All our teachers are fully qualified and many are examiners for the ISTD and former professional dancers.

If you pay for music lessons you expect your child to progress, improve and take exams to show what they have learnt and to give them a sense of achievement. At Roshe there are usually exams every term.

Most dance colleges expect a minimum standard and also that someone auditioning has taken exams that are relevant to their age group.

Most children at Roshe take Ballet at the beginning as well as other subjects as it enhances their training and helps form a solid base for their future. Most dance forms stem from Ballet.

Although dancing is a hobby for many, it is surely best to train with a School that has a proven track record in the industry. After all your child is very special and they deserve the best. Equally important is you deserve value for money.

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