60 years of excellence in dance 1954 – 2014

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A message from our patron, Francesca Filpi

francesca230“It is a great honour to be Patron of the Roshe Performing Arts School. I have watched the
students evolve over the years with great interest, and am always very moved by the
wonderful family ethos that seems to be fostered throughout the school. The beating heart
of this of course, is the school´s founder and principal, Rosemary Woodd, and it is a
privilege to have witnessed, first-hand, the passion she has for her art, but perhaps even
more importantly, the love she has for her pupils.
It would be hard to find a teacher more devoted, enthusiastic and encouraging, and it is
this joy of dance that shines through in all the Roshe pupils. So, on behalf of the dance
world, thank you Rosemary, for nurturing and guiding all these young dancers towards
their dreams. Whatever the future holds for them, and whether or not they become
professional dancers, they will all have wonderful memories of being taught by a very
special lady, who ignited their love for this wonderful art. Here´s to Rosemary, here´s to
Roshe, and here´s to another happy and successful 60 years!”

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